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28 August 2011

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Paali - the cat #3
23 February 2010

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21 February 2010

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Mirror on the move
15 November 2008

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Shrine of Remembrance
14 November 2008

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Twilight time again
13 November 2008

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Tokyo Portraits
12 May 2008

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Lake Ashi
7 November 2007

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Bench in the park
27 October 2007

Recent Comments

Anneka on Morning
Beautiful capture of the light

Katalog Stron on Paali - the cat #3
great image,exellent compo,bravo

Curly on Paali - the cat #3
Very photogenic cat you have! :-)

omidvahabzadeh on Paali - the cat #2
nice shoT

Gary on Paali - the cat #2
Nice shot. I like the light.

B. Thomas on Julie - The Shibuyi
Sweet face. Nice capture. Happy Valentine's Day!

Fred on Julie - The Shibuyi
lovely pet portrait!

tataray on Adorable Laika
Ohhhh . très belle !...

tataray on Paalee
Excellent de beauté !!!...

Aniketana on Serenity
Thank you! Jean-Michel and Jaap. It was indeed very peaceful.

Aniketana on Beauty in the wild west
Thank you! MK ..

MK on Beauty in the wild west
Its a beauty indeed. Nice capture

Jaap on Serenity
Excellent shot. A wide view, nice colors and beautiful reflections

Jean-Michel on Twilight time again
You got a great sky here. Have a nice day.

Jean-Michel on Serenity
Very peaceful place. Good capture.

Ivar on Tokyo Portraits
Chubby Cheeks. Like it.

Aniketana on Twilight time again
Thank you, Thierry !

thierry on Twilight time again
a fabulous photograph of sunset i like it !!!!!!!!

timothy on Tokyo Portraits
sleepy kids can make the most heartwarming subjects

Aniketana on Tokyo Portraits
Thank you Harish

Harish on Mountain Cascades
I thought such photographs are only computer graphics gimmicks... Good to hear that such streams exist in reality... ...

Harish on Tokyo Portraits
Really a good piece of photography :)

danthro on Tokyo Portraits
neat perspective.

denis on Tokyo Portraits

Genevieve on Tokyo Portraits
interesting angle. and the sepia tone di vert well on this photo.

aniketana on Tokyo Portraits
Thank you 'alexdpx' and 'Earnest' for your comments. And welcome to my photoblog !

alexdpx on Tokyo Portraits
Wow! That long exposure really turned night into day. Really beautiful.

Earnest on Tokyo Portraits
Enjoyed the photo and your reflections...

aniketana on Lonely Boat
Thanks Liz !

Liz on Lonely Boat
Lovely Shots and thoughts!!!

aniketana on Bright before the fall
Ed von Ems, Thank you.

aniketana on The Enlightened one
Candace, Thank you

aniketana on Mountain Cascades
Thanks T-Daddy

Ed von Ems on Bright before the fall
A very good shot, in a dramatic moment....

Candace on The Enlightened one
Lovely! I like the post processing you've done on this.

Michael Rawluk on Life is a play
Nothing in this world is as wonderful as a child's smile.

T-Daddy on Mountain Cascades
Wunderschöne Fotografie,Perfeckt gemacht.

aniketana on Evening Walk
Thank you....

MaryB on Evening Walk
Awww! this is a wonderful capture Aniketana.

Sandrine on Life is a play
Fun shot! Life is Beautiful!

Dimitrios on Looking Beyond

aniketana on Global People
Veerendra, This photo was poloraised in Photoshop like my earlier photos. You will get these weird effects when flat ...

Veerendra on Global People
hey how do u take that pic ?

Veerendra on Play of light
so beautiful pic ! she looks simple yet its great look !

aniketana on Global People
Thanx, Rags, Renee Mudd and Yvon !

Yvon on Global People
great shot!

renee mudd on Global People
fun effect

Rags on Global People

Rags on Shivapura trekk
lovely image. The men seem to be having fun.

aniketana on Night vision - 1
Thanx Susan and Shawna ! Each of you has a unique collection of photos in your showcase.

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